Event: Culture Jam – Dub FX + Combat Wombat


The Revolt Art Centre located in Kensington will be receiving a great deal of attention to detail as entertaining electronic crew Culture Jam present another of their narrative-based events.

This time they present The World Beyond, jam-packed with eleven hours worth of entertainment. tWB has a post-apocalyptic dress theme, and a focus on costume, theatrics and visuals will be present at this event. Expect cinema, interactive displays (as presented by Ethno Tekh), stalls, and of course excellent electronic music.

Melbourne headliner Dub FX combines hip-hop, reggae and bass music influences in his solo performance that are internationally regarded by a huge audience. Combat Wombat are rarely together as a full four-piece unit, and are Australia’s most original grass-roots-based and environmentally active hip-hop groups, consisting of Monkey Marc, DJ Wasabi, Elf Tranzporter and MC Izzy.

Other midcard performances include Paul Abad’s outdoor techno vibe, Mote’s dramatic and textural electronica, and Staunch’s swag-heavy Aussie glitch-hop. This will bring multiple facets to the event, hopefully tying in to create a carnival atmosphere akin to events like Rainbow Serpent Festival.

Other acts include Tetrameth, Circuit Bent, Whitebear, Treats, The Wednesday Experiment + many more. Tickets are available online for $35, and tickets are expected to sell out before the event (limited run of 500).

Saturday 1 June 2013, 2pm-1am, 12 Elizabeth Street, Kensington.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/265898496880840/?ref=2

Sounds Like: https://soundcloud.com/monkeymarc/days-like-these-combat-wombat https://soundcloud.com/dub_fx https://soundcloud.com/paulabad


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