Event: Crack – Hard.Electronic.Core (feat. Macheen Boi)

Hard/breakcore is one of those genres that – as quoted by Noistruct – stays “pure” in intent and sound. This could be because the overall direction of the abrasive genre is for impact and to pound the senses.

The last thing central participants of hardcore wish to engage in is the seduction of a broader audience. Hard/Breakcore is uncompromising in how raw and uncut it is, and couldn’t work within an aesthetic that is pleasing for everyone.

Thus the scene remains one for the diehard punks of electronic, many of whom are hardcore and intense in spirit too. One of the things that is drawing me to this event is the promise that it will be a truely spirited and passionate event, where DJs/producers won’t be afraid to work out of the box.

Acts featured at this event include Macheen Boi (UK – Sustained Records), Dr Oneironaut, Guy In Cognito, Falling Through Walls, Abort Retry Fail and Boxhead.

Expect a wide range of abrasive styles to be rocked by these guys, from industrial and hard styles of breaks, drum and bass, hip-hop, techno and speedcore.

Not for the meek.

Saturday 18 May 2013, 10pm start, location tba on Facebook event page (below) closer to the event.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/519739491417616/?fref=ts

Macheen Boi Sounds: www.sustainedrecords.com, www.mixcloud.com/macheeenboi, www.soundcloud.com/macheeenboi


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