Mars Transmissions Captured: Transcript #2

You see blue I see cyan Justice in the hand of the wingless man, iron sceptre in place. Return to the place of victory to find dust in the wind, softer human form arguing with elephants who believed that the stature of what was to come. Grabbing herds of ebullient sausages, wastrel colours glowing and fragmenting. I light beam strikes the crow of the upside-down crucifixion.

Light, such incredible pain to endure, three deep in apostles of torment. Beleaguered of the tyrants, hewn of the transposition. Memories of phallusy. Belittled by strangers, pasty rangers Huge in their elegances. Hawks in the wind, spit in the grass, no kalhua. Beach Sanskrit stomping out lumps in the turf. Truancy time, grain of glass. Miniscule lam-bot technological future, no past.

Reminiscining readings, biting the teat til it bleeds. Blasted laser of lurching liminal lag. Horace the human is last yet first, grafted skin pasted onb apint, oinment restored, new life. Trying to fuck up the fiction in dictionaries and put the books back in the shelves of universal libraries. Don’t hate the sin, nail the sinner, don’t think about them when you’re having your dinner.

Curl into the loop of purgatory, sin space laboratory. Dinner diction non-fiction decision, coloured by life and brain splatter cell matter. Come broken for four weeks, come back. Citizen’s arrest, mind crap terror vision sparked through your wishes of clean dishes. Avoid bacteria and ostriches mindframes and eggs to the core of what matters. Cerebral showers of blue grass draining your lifeform.

Mice scurry as elephants worry. Dogs and cats yurdle as I were gone. Rust on the shelves of books now gone. Circuitry bent, currency spent, English sodomised on the words that we spent. Janitors sweep beneath the feet of the careless. I once raiding @2 for a can of coke. Scintillating time stabs in your head. Peasantry lays babies while the artists lay back.

Population increases, viral death to plague the earth with, shit looks good but thinks horrible. Listless to armies, prophetic pharmacy of solid clouds in your gut run amok. Rozor hedgehogs debts and taxes install microchip processors. Tie one off on on binary code running strong in your bloodstream while young bled dreams on the pavement.

Soothsayer astrology scorpion apology. Brand afflicted, time that you wasted. Hairs cut, you have now erased it. Replace the care with the stare of grim. Shares in the bank, thank you for your time. Lime on your grave, chemicals and sawyer cuts on the price of your head Swerving brain-locked from beginning to end.

Train tracks from your past, and no I won’t be missing you and your hourglass speech, the shit is old. Brain flecks and DNA on the porch turn to gold. Smile of the sinister, with the mind of a minister, cold glass of vinegar on the rimmer. Frail concept, step back.

Bears and vitamins, mail to the Vikings. High hull, brazen cake. Fate right, kernel of the truth. Last first, talk to me later. Braver travel killing the tate. Ripping on drunks, josh is in town. Hired sentries with tulips combine in a triangle of meta-soup and blood.


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