Mars Transmissions Captured: Transcript #1 – 19 April 2013


Haarp recently used top secret technology to capture transmissions from Mars. The heiroglyphics were then inserted into a translation device, but the messages are still nonsensical but contain a certain lucidity.

We are becoming curious as to what meaning we are receiving from the Martians…


Trying the understood length and breadth of the asteroid for power supplies, rightmost ostriches, plateaus and m(y)ths of the former worlds republic.

Elements of harbringing, tragedies and assistance percolate within small means. Dogs and hamsters created the celebratory basis for google parties.

Smelling lemon lice of true colours and rhinocerus in the underneath yaught yearning kill on inyouth power structures. Loins for uni-latateral lint monthly just juxtaposition balance nausea like open seas. Windows of oppurtunity meditate and breathe like a virus of luck and desktop backgrounds approaching climatic revenge of a sworn people of Heracles element.

Hydras populate like small pox greek countries currency multiples true high fudge gormless golems pizza fragments rejuvenate toying poles visors were safe dice brooms xylophones nmyunbilm opportunity waved safe ghosts hell rots lights juice firmly understood once and forever and through. I’m just happy we made it through all the loaming of the firmanent. The pastures call, fair play. Numbers and liths join our heroic ancients, within the corpses of helmets and anchovies.

I heard that you headed the gasket front.


We are now receiving regular transmissions and images, stay tuned for next weeks message…


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