Interview: Photographer Lucie Edinborough

Music inspires imagery and imagery inspires music to a broader collective. Haarp caught up with Melbourne events photographer Lucie Edinborough for a chat…

What makes you unique as a photographer?

Lilly Pilly Photography is the reflection of my personal style as I want to document moments in time as well as be a part of them. (IE. I’ll be on the dance floor as well as documenting it). It’s also about how I project my professional image as a photographer, I may take social shots at a nightclub, but I have met so many people and heard so many of their stories, I like to try and connect with the people.


What photographers and artists inspire you?

The artists and photographers that inspire Lilly Pilly Photography the most are Nan Goldin, Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger as they document life in a raw, staged, bright and colourful way. (I) also (am inspired by) Kruger’s proper gander photography. As with the artists, I like my classics (such as) Piccaso, Micheal Jean Basqiuat, Andy Warhol as they saw (images in) an abstract form.


What else inspires you to be a photographer?

To create timeless images that tell many stories in many languages.

When did you start taking photos?

I started taking photos when I was 16 when my parents bought me my first camera. It was one of those things once you get it and you like it, you never stop using it and it becomes more your life than just another hobby.


What else do you take photos of?

Other than documentary shots of nightclubs, I like taking photos on the busy streets of suburbs, experimental shots, cathedrals, cemeteries and what ever else catches my eye and tells a story.

Do you prefer digital photography or analogue/B&W?

Preferably I like analogue/B&W, however I haven’t done any darkroom-type stuff as I started with digital. There is something beautiful in the creation of a photograph using analogue, and B&W portrays more powerful imagery than what colour image does.


What tools do you use for editing?

Adobe Photoshop has always been my processing tool of choice when I first got into photography as a career. Now, that has slowly changed with the times and new technology. So, now my style has also changed with this, as I am now using Adobe Lightroom.

Do you see a future in photography?

(In regards to myself), I’m not only a photographer but also an artist of many mediums, photography is just one of them.


You can see more of Lucie’s images and get in touch with her at


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