Hopskotch Records Launch Monthly Residency At MyAeon


Hopskotch Records are one Australia’s first and foremost record labels for glitch-focused music. They now combine their finesse for beats with live showcasing of their artists in a monthly session at Brunswick nightclub MyAeon, starting on 1 March (Friday).

The bomb was dropped in the last week that Stickybuds (Canada) will be headlining this event. Stickybuds’ sets are a rich tapestry of funk, dnb, glitch-hop, reggae and breaks. He has been residing Canada’s Shambhala festival for the past seven years, and has other huge festival and club notches in the past at such places as Glastonbury (UK), Burning Man (USA) and Space (Ibiza).

Other huge acts featuring at this event are Mustard Tiger, Goosebumpz, Shifty Sly, Angus Green, Kodiak Kid and binliner.

MyAeon is located at 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick. Entry is $15, doors open at 10pm.

Check out what Hopskotch have to offer in ways of beats at hopskotchrecords.com


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