Beats Home Volume Zero – V/A (Beats Home)


A slick journey into abstracted glitch-hop and experimental bass production from Sydney-based label, Beats Home.Australia is going great-guns at the moment, and here’s another prime example of why. Future direction of EDM is again taken into account, and old formulas are either scrapped or updated here.

I’ve stated before and I’ll state again that most glitch-hop you hear isn’t what I would consider real glitch-hop in the urban sense, the majority of it that you will hear within Canadian and Australian styles is more of a funk hybrid akin to Krafty Kuts, except “glitchier”.

This is a different brew here. If you like Flying Lotus, this will definitely be your cup of tea. There are also forays into newer styles of post-dubstep with Mike Berkley, Westernsynthetics, DJ Jase and Bling Jorn.

Stand-out tracks…

Ribongia‘s stylish and bouncy hyperspace funk track Squicky Monday,

Sleeve’s insidious lo-fi Voodoo Abduction,

Valance Drakes’ slippery Water Gradually Seeping In,

Weird Lemonade‘s psychedelically broken and bending Betelgueue, No Vacancy,

Bling Jörn‘s menacing Failure,

Mike Berkley’s glitchy and dark Walk,

The heavy cerebral kinetics of WesternsyntheticsRichstagheadboxing,

B.I.N.T‘s tough-as-nails Weapons Of The Future

I loved this first offering from Beats Home, and can’t wait to hear some more of the same! Props also on the great cover.


1. Anon – Slow Motion Sunday 03:07

2. Weird lemonade. – Betelgeuse, No Vacancy 03:27

3. V∆l∆nc∑ Ðr∆kës – Water Gradually Seeping In 04:09

4. Able8 – Thirdeye 02:43

5. Tobio – Darius 03:24

6. Sleeve↓ – Voodoo Abduction 04:21

7. Ribongia – Squicky Monday 02:48

8. Option Command – Same Line 03:03

9. Monk Fly – The Train 03:23

10. Bling Jörn – Failure 03:37

11. Mike Berkley – Walk 03:03

12. Westernsynthetics – Richstagheadboxing 05:44

13. Jozz Scott – The Future Is Noir 04:15

14. DJ Jase – Still 04:51

15. Roleo – Magic Tripz 02:28

16. Kuré – Fool 03:07

17. B.I.N.T – Weapons Of The Future 04:20

18. Anklepants – Sheridan’s Flashback 05:36

Available for free download or donation (I suggest donation if you wish to support Aussie artists) at


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