Prehistoric Treats – An All-City Bass Event

Aphrodite and Mickey Finn

Devotion to older forms of music in the world are rare these days, and it’s awesome to know that electronic broken beats are being curated by All-City Bass in Melbourne.

All-City Bass is an institution of multiple music crews, all with the mission of bringing the world’s finest broken beat electronic dance music (EDM) to Melbourne. The place these nights go down is Brown Alley, a club on the corner of Lonsdale and King streets, an area with a mixed reputation (amongst the sleazy strip clubs) of being Melbourne’s Mecca for nightclubs.

The main crew in charge of getting together this night are Twisted Audio, and they are joined by other crews who assist the nights by bringing their booked internationals to Australia during the year. Many of these promoters are also DJs and help represent the local and talented contingency of Melbourne beatsmiths.

This event is a legacy for many Melbourne nights are stemmed in drum and bass (DnB – broken beats of very high tempo) music that date back to the 90’s; a legacy now taking a full revolution as Aphrodite and Mickey Finn – legendary jungle (an old-school style of DnB) producers and DJs – come from the UK exclusively to All-City Bass’s show, Prehistoric Treats.

Aphrodite and Mickey Finn have over two decades of experience on the decks, and are partially responsible in shaping DnB – and by proxy – responsible for the many sub-genres that have developed from DnB (like dubstep and garage). They will be accompanied by their MC, Shabba Dee, and supported by the many energetic performances of local Melbourne DJs like Lickweed and Monkee.

Prehistoric Treats will run from 10pm until late on 11 January at Brown Alley, 585 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. Tickets are available here, and the Facebook page for the event is here.


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