Glitch meets Rap – Wyldcard debuts Insane Thoughts EP at My Aeon

 Sean Bradney-George aka Wyldcard will launch his first EP, Insane Thoughts, on Sunday, 4th of September, at My Aeon, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick.  The event will go from 2pm til 11pm. 

Entry will be $15, or $20 with a copy of Wyldcard’s new EP.  This means you get his EP for $5 along with your ticket, which is normally priced at $10.

Wyldcard aka Sean Bradney-George

Wyldcard is touted as “…funky bass-heavy glitch hop and dubstep production with witty and concise lyricism [crafted] in a unique manner.”  Whether or not you understand this terminology, there’s no doubt that Wyldcard is unique and futuristic as far as hip-hop is concerned, and there are other acts of similar genre that will showcase the bass music movement that has been brewing in Melbourne’s underground for more then a decade.

Also featured at this event are Dysthemic and Miss Eliza, Julez (w/ DJ Sizzle), Rhythmik, Goosebumpz, Warpaint, Ball of Yarn, Cat Party and Influx.  Influx will also be directing a freestyle session for any prospective rappers wanting a piece of the action.

Bradney-George originally hails from Bellingen, a small town resting near Coffs Harbour on NSW’s northern coast.  That particular area has a heritage of outdoor parties, alternative lifestyles, and high quality production of trance and glitchy beats.  It would make perfect sense that Sean would embrace the bass movement in Melbourne eventually, as well as half his friends who are on the line-up.

There is a large and burgeoning underground culture of electronic music in Melbourne that has its roots in Techno, Hip-hop and Drum &Bass music from the 90’s.  This music developed into futuristic psytrance, dubstep, breaks and glitch hop, which all still continue to blend and mold into new forms of electronic music, that are pushed as far as production allows these forms to be.  Many artists within this movement spend much of their time for little reward, but feel inspired by the immense creativity that comes from being a part of something that is pioneering music towards the future.

If you are interested in any of this style of music, you may also wish to check out such venues as Miss Libertines, Roxanne’s Parlour or Thornbury’s Bender Bar to hear more of these artists.  Music styles similar to Wyldcard’s include local record labels Hopskotch, Sixbux, Wax Museum and Uncomfortable Beats.  They would love your support, as many of these artists live on the bare minimum for the art they love.

Below are links for Wyldcard’s music and events.


Music samples:


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