Net Label of the Week – Bedroom research

Net labels are awesome. 

A lot of them under the creative commons act, meaning that certain rights are given to consumers to download them for free, as long certain commercial rights are kept for the artist.

Bedroom research is my first choice for net label of the week, because it’s where I started my own journey in exploring the wonderful world of net labels. 

It features such artists as Digital G’alessio, Himuro Yoshiteru, Defunkt Dialekt, and Thiaz Itch.  There is a multiplicity of genres from step styles to experimental electronic music humour to Skweee, which I found out was a genre that uses a lot of antique synths, and is coined by sSwedish DJ Daniel Savlo in 2009.  It’s quite a popular sub-genre on Bedroom Research.


Highlights for me on this label are…

Defunkt Dialekt (self titled)

Thiaz Itch – Binjoum

Monster X – Disco Zombie Paradise


I’ll be back again next week with some more goodies! 😉

Net Label of the Week – Bedroom research


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