CIty of Lost Children review

So I guess it went pretty swimmingly.

Consequence kicked off the gig for a nice start, we were the first crew on the floor for the dance.  I’d like to hear more of this guys stuff, it’s my pace, nice n slow.  People were slowly attracted to the floor like flys.  Digital Mystikz came on the floor to a full crowd and were well received.  They were probably one of the best acts of the night, a lot better then I thought they would be.  I can’t remember too much of it except they dropped Pink Elephants by Daladubz to a huge pop.


Digital Mystikz ftw, Coki represent.

I got my camera stolen by some jerk who wouldn’t give it back til I promised to delete the photo, and even then he was pretty threatening.  I told security and they threw his psycho ass out.  My camera was safe.





I loved the decor for this stage, it was off the hook

Bassnectar was a total moshpit and it was impossible up the front.  He played a rather sophisticated set with drops of Drum and Bass, but all in all, it didn’t really do it for me, I was kind of wishing he would play some bootlegs for the cheap rise.  I’m not really sure if I like his bass synths, they seem to emulate the dirty basslines of UK music, rather then dictate.  They seem like a “lite” version of bass synth, a bit too clean.  Could it be said that white boys are impersonating black musicians and getting the credit again?  It’s been proven historically with music and it seems to be the same case for me again.  I don’t think bassnectar is up to the hype, plain and simple.


Bassnectar didn’t really do it for me…

I don’t really remember too much more of the night except there was lots more Drum & Bass, and that the crowd was really diverse.  Bass music seems to attract everyone of all walks of life, there were hippies, homeys, bogans, punks, all types unified for this one.


‘Avin it large!

The locals went alright too.  The stage upstairs started late, but went well.  I think the lights could have been better, but the stage decor was fantastic.


DJ Ghettafunkt from Byron Bay



Lysdexic and Sam I Am on the punt.

(All photos by Kayhat)

CIty of Lost Children review


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