Somatica Festival – The Final Episode – 22nd-25th April 2011

I’m not really all that happy.  This Easter marks the last Somatica festival and I never got to go.

The fantastic imagery of Somatica flyers (created by artist Rogan Briggs) has lit up Melbourne’s alternative electronic music scene for around 7 years.  Somatica started from its humble beginnings in nightclubs around Melbourne, before moving to the great outdoors in Easter 2005, where it became a yearly extravaganza of light, sound and colour until now.

The Somatica train stops here this easter, and golly, they done good. 

Regular decor artist Pixie Lou created environments of comfort and colour with her decor delights, Silent disco created projections to stun and silence with whirling psychedelic, punky, steampunk, text and cartoonish images reminiscent of the flyers. 

There were regular appearances by Australian progressive trance label Zenon artists, Sensient, Sun Control Species (who will be playing his 10th year anniversary set as a producer at this years Somatica) and Tetrameth (he was a relative unknown when he first played at Somatica in 2006 and then was propelled to international DJ/producer status).  Heavy dark psytrance ball hitters Satanstoenail (who has played every Somatica), Hefty Output and Pondscum played more then a couple, and International twisted suomisaundi star Texas Faggott came from Finland last year to join in on the fun.

I missed that too.

Amongst other acts I will be missing out on, Monster Zoku Onsomb will be sharing their psychedelic electronic rockabilly live show with everyone.  To quote their website…

“…forged their own sound from the shattered pieces of kitsch retrodelica and contemporary bass culture…deserve more than a string of genre comparisons… They are a live fiesta, injecting any venue and any crowd with instant energy with their live assaults…The Nam-Shub of  Enki (a producer responsible for some of Australia’s most inventive and out there electronic Music), Kunt (a female noise performance duo renowned for outrageous live performances), and Miss P Leisure ( a DJ whose kooky selections ranged from the strangest soundtracks, 60’s  surf / strip music to industrial beats).”

Also appearing and are local label Hopskotch artists (fresh off their new compilation release party at Miss Libertines which I will be previewing shortly); Backwards Man, Staunch, Lysdexic, Goosebumpz, Circuit Bent and Meat Axe.

A complete line-up will be shown in the images on the left/up the top of the page.

Also featured will be an outdoor WTF cinema and markets galore.

It’s also worth mentioning that Somatica prides itself on being environmentally and socially conscious in all aspects of its events.  It has composting toilets, uses bio-fuels for the festivals generators, and the volunteers pick up every last bit of rubbish til the land is exactly the way it was before (working with a 7 step Leave No Trace concept). Some of the profits of the tickets will also generously donated to charity, specifically towards helping forests and animals affected by deforestation.

The event is on a fully permitted location that works closely with local stakeholders and rangers, they have had the event at the same location for the last 5 years.  Generally, the Somatica crew walks the walk, that most other outdoor crews just talk.

Because of this, they will be sorely missed as a regular crew for the outdoor electronic scene in Australia.

Promoter Darren Shaggy White would like to recognise all artists and punters who have helped make Somatica a success over the last 6 years and would like to also thank his crew; Coomby, Ang & Paul, Mick, Lara Rose. Jikara, Erika, Kitty, Rigsy, Big Ricky Weston, Milli, Ronny, Simon Ishtar, Maxxx, Liz@walkabout security, Richonfilm, Adam Rigboy, and everyone else that’s been involved in any way through out.


I might still have to think about going now that I’ve written this article, I’ve actually written myself into submission.  This hardly ever happens.

Somatica Festival – The Final Episode – 22nd-25th April 2011


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